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Two Mirror Global consists of writers, editors, producers and screenwriters. Our company welcomes amateur writers & directors.  We believe there are infinite possibilities through writing and through TMG our clients will be able to reflect their ideas to the world. The purpose of TMG (Two Mirror Global) is to provide an avenue for our clients to display their work in our extensive catalog to be marketed by companies that can excel to the next level.


Two Mirror Global Corporation consist of three departments. We offer a wide range of products and services including books, film scripts, and music. Our services are song writing, artist development, and promotions.


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Please Say, You Love Me

Short Film

"Live, Ride, Do or Die"

Community Cove - 48hr Film Festival Arkansas 2013

The Year After Season I & II

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Edward Block




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2014 Updates TBA: Two Mirror Global (TMG)


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New Company/PartnerShip Launch Spring 2014


Casting Call Coming April 2014


March 22tndFilm Project(s) Announcments

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New Scripts Available June 2014


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